Ethiopian Water Technology Institute (EWTI)

Ethiopian Water Technology Institute is mainly working on four areas to support the water sector Education and Training, Research and Technology Transfer, Specialized Laboratory Service, and TVET Support.


Ethiopian Water Technology Institute was established by the Council of Ministers Regulation No. 293/2013 as one of the very essential institutes during the first GTP period in August 2013.

Vision of the Institute

We aspire to be a center of excellence in capacity building and technology transfer in water sector in East Africa in 2030.

Mission of the Institute

To realize nationwide rapid development in the water sector through capacity building, research and study for technology transfer, specialized laboratory and competence service and institutional technical support that improve the sector’s overall implementation capacity.

Objectives of the Institute

  1. Facilitate the transfer of technology to those engaged in water development and related activities
  2. Provide practical training to capacitate the existing and potentially joining manpower of the sector in cooperation with other technical and vocational education and training institutions.
  3. Produce and build capacity of instructors required by technical and vocational education and training institutions

Values of the Institute

  • Learning
  • Innovation
  • Quality and Acceptance
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Team Work
  • Detest Corruption
  • Participatory
  • Committed for Change

Our customers

  • Federal, regional, zonal, woredas and town water supply office
  • Federal and regional Irrigation Authorities
  • Public water works enterprise
  • Private water works enterprise
  • Universities and TVET water polytechnic colleges
  • Non-governmental organizations participating on water supply and sanitation as well as water resource management
  • Individual applicants involved in the water sector and others